Swimming for fruit at Bidyadanga

31 October 2017

As the weather warms up, Bidyadanga Community Pool’s Swim for Fruit program is getting busier by the day.

The Bidyadanga Swimming and Lifesaving Club runs before school on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, and is particularly popular with the eight and nine year olds, who love swimming in the deep water under supervision. This is great experience for the kids, who are able to come to the pool unsupervised when they turn 10.

“The kids are swimming laps and working on not only their technical swimming, but also their fitness,” Bidyadanga Remote Pool Manager Bernie Egan says. “Add to that some lifesaving skills with towing manikins and throwing rescue ropes, and it’s invaluable!”

After swimming, the kids get some breakfast before they head off to school at 8am. “Breakfast can be a good bowl of cereal and a piece of fruit, or as a special treat we have had fruit muffins or a zucchini frittata, which the kids tell me is their favourite! The kids all take responsibility for washing up the dishes that they have used before they head off to school.”

All kids receive a Swim and Survive pack when they join up to the Swimming and Lifesaving Club, which include goggles, swim cap and a towel. “Part of being a club is being responsible and respectful of the pool equipment that we use, also of our own and other swimmers’ equipment, goggles and towels. We are even encouraging getting a good night's sleep so that you can wake up in the morning and be ready for swimming and school.”

Bernie receives volunteer help from the school, with a teacher coming down and helping with supervision and encouragement. “The school is very supportive of this program as a before-school sport.
I have already had some feedback from the school about a couple of kids who have lots of energy, being more ready to sit down and learn on their swimming mornings. With this early success of our Swimming and Lifesaving Club, I am looking forward to seeing some future lifeguards!”

The Go For Two and Five Swim for Fruit program is supported by Healthway as an invaluable healthy lifestyle initiative.