Current Award Recipients

2019 Bravery Awards Winners gathered together at the State Reception Centre

Name  Brief Overview Award Location
 Mackenzie Summers (6 years old) Mackenzie’s grandmother tripped in the dark of the carpark and broke several bones. Mackenzie phoned the ambulance and her mother, made her grandmother comfortable and kept reassuring her until the ambulance arrived.
Gold Star Cockburn
Ethan de Coning (11 years old) Ethan pulled his 2-year-old sister, Jordyn, from a home pool, alerted his dad and then called the ambulance.
Gold Star Rockingham
Seth Eade (9 years old) Seth’s younger brother, Kade, got into difficulty in the water and Seth swam to his aid, holding his head above water until adults arrived to assist.
Gold Star Lake Leschenaultia
Jayce Vassiliou (4 years old) Jayce rescued his 5-year-old cousin, Kortney, who had fallen under water, and alerted adults. Gold Star Crown Hotel
Leschenault Leisure Centre staff - Ryan Sanders, Samantha Hooper, David Snelling, Kellie Holm, Angie Stonard and Shelby Pinner Performed an aquatic rescue, CPR and application of AED on a patron found unconscious in the pool. Interestingly the AED that was used had been donated to the centre by the victim, Ian Went, 10 years earlier! Gold Star & Bravery Commendation Australind
Fremantle Leisure Centre staff - Jessica Cannon, Jasmine Shepherd, Georgia Ray and James Annetts
Performed an aquatic rescue and provided first aid when a patron experienced a seizure in the pool. Gold Star Fremantle
Beatty Park Leisure Centre Staff - Andrew Brown, James Annett, Hamish Williams, Josh Taraia and Kim Vang Thi Huynh Performed an aquatic rescue, CPR and AED on a patron who suffered a heart attack in the pool. Gold Star & Bravery Commendation North Perth
Terry Tyzack Aquatic Centre Staff - Jack Tuckett, Scott Chilcott and Maithili Patel Responded when an infant had a seizure at the centre, by providing first aid and phoning emergency services.
Gold Star & Bravery Commendation Inglewood
Narelle Holt Narelle, an Aquatic Centre Manager, responded when a patron experienced a heart attack. Treated with defib, O2 and called emergency services. Gold Star East Victoria Park
Riverton Leisureplex Staff - Patrick Allin, Joseph Baeg, Kevin Ho, Michael Gosatti and Julie Waddilove Rescued and performed CPR on a patron who became unconscious while swimming. Successfully revived the patron by performing CPR and applying an AED until emergency services arrived. Gold Star & Gold Medallion Riverton
Ella Andrews (7 years old) Ella removed her little sister from the path of a dog and was attacked by the dog herself. Gold Medallion Piara Waters
Daniel Crook Performed CPR for 13 minutes on an elderly family friend, Michael, who had experienced a cardiac arrest at home. Gold Medallion Craigie
Karla Goy
Swam to the aid of a man who was struggling in the Swan River. The man was agitated so she kept her distance but was able to talk to him and encourage him to swim back to shore.
Gold Medallion Rivervale
Joshua Wilkes Entered the Swan River to pull a driver from his vehicle after he had accidentally driven off the road. Removed him from the vehicle and brought him to shore. Gold Medallion Perth
 Megan Larmour (age 16)  Performed CPR and applied AED on a man who had collapsed in a carpark of the Mandurah Shopping Centre. GoldMedallion Mandurah
Louise Joesbury Recognised her friend had become unconscious while swimming and was drowning. Swam down to get him and brought him to the edge of the pool and alerted staff. Gold Medallion Bayswater
Joe Broadbent, Cathryne Casarsa,  Melissa Grey and Tony Morgan
All contributed to performing CPR and applying an AED when a member of the public collapsed at the Warwick Grove Shopping Centre. Gold Medallion Warwick
 Samantha Laine Responded when another woman had a seizure while driving. She stopped the moving vehicle, put the woman in the recovery position and called an ambulance. Gold Medallion Piara Waters
 Ryan Sanders Stopped while driving when he saw a woman who had a cardiac arrest and performed CPR until the ambulance arrived. Gold Medallion Australind
David MacLennan, Tim Tucak, Susie Kitchin and Emma Morton
 Responded when a fellow club member with the John XXIII Hockey Club had a heart attack. Performed CPR and applied AED until the ambulance arrived. Gold Medallion Mount Claremont
Amanda Brown

Responded when the Army Jetty collapsed. Amanda swam out to assist with rescuing a young boy, performed first aid on him and another woman.

Gold Cross  Rottnest Island

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