Current Award Recipients

Bravery Awards recipients sitting and standing in a group at Frasers in Kings Park

Name  Brief Overview Award Location
Harley Carey & Kendall Walter  Lifeguards Harley and Kendall saved the life of a swimmer at the new Scarborough Beach Pool after he collapsed and stopped breathing during a swimming session.
Gold Star Scarborough
Jackson & Connor Evans Brothers Jackson & Connor were swimming at Kuta Beach in Bali when they spotted a European tourist stuck in a rip and being taken out to sea. The brothers swam out to the man and brought him back to shore.
Gold Medallion & Gold Star Bali
Tanika Buscombe Lifeguard Tanika was called on to assist a man who was found unconscious at the Wordsworth Reserve in Yokine. She ran across from the Terry Tyzack Aquatic Centre, providing CPR until emergency services arrived.
Gold Star Yokine
James Annetts, Pia Rodgers, Molly Higgins and Christine Walker This lifeguard team saved the life of a swimmer who became unconscious while swimming laps at Fremantle Leisure Centre. They provided life saving CPR until emergency services arrived. Gold Star Fremantle
Harrison Jory Yanchep 11-year-old Harrison saw his friend suffer a seizure in the swimming pool at a birthday party, and rescued him from the water, saving his life. Gold Star Gabbadah
Mark Skrzypek Mark, a Harbour Master at the Fremantle Sailing Club, spotted a man jump from a boat and fail to surface. He entered the water, pulling the man up from the seabed and saving his life. Gold Medallion  Fremantle
Rhiannon Keel, Pete Delaney, Sam Hendry, Josh Wood, Andrew Macray, Michael Pinkham and Stuart Mack These lifeguards at Cockburn ARC responded to a woman who was suffering a mental health crisis at the facility, working hard to rescue her from the water as she actively tried to propel herself to the bottom of the pool. Gold Star Cockburn
Nathan Miller Nathan was called upon to assist an unconscious man at a local shopping centre, while on a break from his duties at Leisurepark Balga. He trained a bystander on-the-go, to assist him in performing lifesaving CPR.
Gold Medallion Balga
Dan Holman and Marie MacDonald Dan and Marie saw a man thrown from his motorcycle in peak hour traffic on the Mitchell Freeway, dragging the man to safety and performing lifesaving CPR on the roadside. Gold Medallion Edgewater
Milla Fearnall While at the beach with her family, five-year-old Milla noticed her sister Indy had fallen in the water and was struggling to surface. Milla raced over to her sister and pulled her up, holding her head out of the water while calling for their parents to help. Gold Star Jurien Bay
Raphael Gabriel Lifeguard Raphael quickly spotted three young children who were panicking after getting out of their depth while at Leisurepark Balga. In responding so efficiently to the emergency, he saved three lives. Gold Star Balga
Jacqueline Lees and Malcolm Gomersall Jacqueline and Malcolm saw a man who’d been flung from his motorbike while driving in Waikiki. The man had serious injuries and the pair provided first aid while waiting for paramedics to arrive, saving his life. Gold Medallion Waikiki
Magnus Rudisele, Tom Pawikowski, David Thompson and Marty Calley
Magnus, Tom, David and Marty performed CPR on their friend Paul, who had suffered a sudden heart attack during a group bike ride in Landsdale. The group’s quick response and CPR training saved Paul’s life.
Gold Medallion Landsdale
Alison Brewer Alison spotted a cyclist who had collapsed over his handlebars and collided with a barrier fence on a freeway overpass in Balcatta. Alison provided first aid and performed CPR on the man until emergency services arrived. Gold Medallion Balcatta
 Charlotte Saxon, Chris Bulgin and Sateki A’Vard  This lifeguard trio spotted a 12-year-old girl who’d ended up submerged in the wave pool at Bayswater Waves. They pulled her from the pool and performed life-saving CPR. Gold Star Bayswater
Jayla Wallace  13-year-old Jayla threw herself in front of an oncoming truck to shield her four-year-old nephew Jordyn, who had run out into oncoming traffic in Swan View. She saved Jordyn’s life and miraculously walked away with just cuts and bruises! Gold Medallion Swan View
 Emma Mercuri Emma performed lifesaving CPR on a young boy who was discovered submerged under water in a pool at a water park in Bali. Emma, a trained lifeguard from Aquamotion Wanneroo, was on holiday with friends when she found herself in the right place at the right time to save the boy’s life! Gold Medallion Bali
 Alana Pinnock 14-year-old Alana provided first aid to a student who suffered a seizure while in class at Mercedes College. Alana calmly used the skills she’d learnt through her first aid and Bronze Medallion training to ensure the girl was safely handed over to medical officers.  Gold Star  Perth
 Helen Loake, Roko Sango, Erica Irvine and Chris Hardie Helen provided CPR to a fellow swimmer, Lesley, who had become ill and passed out during a swim training session at HBF Stadium. She was supported by lifeguards Roko, Erica and Chris who also provided CPR, oxygen and a defibrillator, while ensuring paramedics were quickly called to care for Lesley. The quick response by all involved saved her life.  Gold Medallion / Gold Star   Mount Claremont
 Ryan Hill  Ryan jumped into the water to rescue a baby and several others after a pontoon overturned during an evening outing at the Mandurah Estuary. Gold Star  Mandurah
Ruby-Maree Ugle  Six-year-old Ruby looked after her mum, Tahni, and called for help after Tahni collapsed at home in Ellenbrook. Ruby’s calm response in caring for her mum, keeping her younger siblings away and calling for help saved her mum’s life.  Gold Star  Ellenbrook
 Mark Lush Mark rescued a couple, Debra and Kevin O’Meara, after they got swept away by the current while attempting to cross the Murray River near Dwellingup. The pair activated an EPIRB and Mark arrived at the scene, using a rope to drag the pair to safety and providing them with warm clothing while waiting for emergency services to arrive.  Gold Star Dwellingup
 Matt Vermeulen, Gordon Watt, Tony Mobilia, Craig Potter  This crew from Bristow Helicopters were called to assist in the search for two young boys who were adrift in the ocean off Exmouth for more than 21 hours. The 12 and 18-year-old boys had run out of petrol during a quick fishing trip, and drifted out to sea with no food, water or emergency supplies. The helicopter crew spotted them the following day and winched them to safety, ensuring they were able to safely make it home! Gold Star  Exmouth

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