Eliminating toddler drowning

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The Problem

Drowning remains the leading cause of preventable death for children under five years of age. Tragically, for every fatal drowning eight children are admitted to hospital and another sixty-eight attend an emergency department as a result of a non-fatal drowning incident.

Our Solution

Royal Life Saving Society WA is determined to address this crucial issue and we’re taking action in a coordinated fashion by strengthening public awareness of our Keep Watch program while also boosting participation in our Infant Aquatics water familiarisation classes.

We’re also working to ensure those with home pools understand the importance of safe pool use by providing a comprehensive pool barrier assessment service and training swimming pool owners in first aid. We also provide support for families and friends impacted by drowning and assistance to victims of non-fatal drowning.


Highlights from 2021-22:

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A toddler girl standing near a portable pool

Don't Duck Out - Make It SAFE!

Royal Life Saving WA is working with Consumer Protection WA to educate parents and carers about the safe use of portable pools.

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A woman practising CPR on a baby manikin

Heart Beat Club Grants

Royal Life Saving WA provides grants to enable those in at-risk communities to take part in our Heart Beat Club child safety program free of charge.

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