Support for victims and families

The Problem

Drowning, whether fatal or non-fatal, has a devastating impact on victims, family and friends. In 2020/21 there were 39 fatal drownings in Western Australia, along with 120 non-fatal drowning victims admitted to hospital and 142 emergency department presentations. Some of these people will have suffered severe life-long injuries.

Our Solution

Royal Life Saving is working hard to support families impacted by non-fatal drowning, including direct help for victims plus counselling and peer support services for families and friends. This support is funded by the generous support of our members and the Western Australian community through a range of fundraising programs including raffles, donation appeals, point of sale donation containers (Quackers) and our Royalty VIP program.


Ten-year drowning analysis:

10 yr drowning stats to 2021

Shelby Wakefield standing by a table wearing a nappy

Andrea's Story

Andrea's daughter Shelby drowned in a family member's backyard pool at just 14 months old.

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 Black and white picture of Melanie Mitchell with son Lachlan

Melanie's Story

Melanie's son Lachlan drowned in a home swimming pool at a family daycare centre in 2015.

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