Training lifesavers and first responders in every community

lifeguards practising spinal rescues during the pool lifeguard challenge

Every community needs trained lifesavers and first responders – to be there to help. Royal Life Saving has developed a comprehensive range of training programs to engage all ages and sectors. We are inclusive and committed to the ideal that ‘Everyone can be a Lifesaver’.

Importantly, to ensure all Western Australians receive this vital education, during 2021-22 we conducted regional training programs that engaged 5,015 participants in locations from remote Kimberley communities to the Great Southern coast. Training was also provided to 4,757 participants living with a disability, 369 from multicultural backgrounds and 538 First Nation Australians.


Highlights from 2021-22:

training stats 2022


A group of young people in the Jigalong remote pool wearing lifejackets

Jigalong Talent Pool

A group of young people in the remote community of Jigalong completed their Bronze Medallion as part of our Talent Pool program.

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Two lifeguards with two patrons by the pool at Craigie Leisure Centre

Craigie Lifeguards Save a Life

The value of lifesaving skills became truly evident when a big team effort saved Phil Prosser's life during a lap swimming session at Craigie Leisure Centre.

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