reconciliation action plan river artwork

REFLECT Reconciliation Action Plan 

Everything we do at Royal Life Saving WA is about empowering our community to be safe when they are in, on or around water.

This REFLECT Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) articulates our efforts to develop improved relationships, respect and opportunities with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

A steering committee was established in May 2017 to drive the development of our RAP and improve the intent behind our services. This group worked to:

  • Support the development of broader and stronger networks between Royal Life Saving WA and Aboriginal communities, agencies and individuals.
  • Guide organisational messaging that promotes Royal Life Saving WA’s activities with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. 
  • Guide organisational strategy associated with service delivery with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. 
  • Suggest innovations and initiatives that help to build Royal Life Saving WA’s program and service range with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. 
  • Help Royal Life Saving WA to position the aquatics industry as a major employer of Aboriginal youth.

The achievement of this REFLECT Reconciliation Action Plan will serve as an exciting new chapter for an organisation that has operated across Western Australia since 1909.


"We hope that there are many more positive outcomes that stem from the achievement of this REFLECT RAP and the subsequent Royal Life Saving WA RAP’s that will follow." - Colin Hassell, RLSSWA President


"Our key priority in development and achievement of this RAP focused on more than just increasing participation numbers. Rather, we hope to see a significant shift in the way that our people, our industry and our communities accept and engage with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people."
- Peter Leaversuch , RLSSWA CEO


"The creation of this Reconciliation Action Plan formalises much of the work that Royal Life Saving WA has been involved in for many years. It also serves to provide the motivation to challenge the status quo, to reflect upon its image and seek new ways of operating." - Ian Trust, Chairman of Wunan