Cover of 2020-25 Strategic Plan featuring a little girl wearing a brightly stripped swimsuitThe Royal Life Saving Society WA is pleased to present its latest Strategic Plan, which will guide our actions over the five years from 2020 to 2025, to achieve, here in our state, the collective vision of our Society throughout Australia.

That is – ‘a water-loving nation free from drowning’.

Our plan has the important features of all successful strategies:

  • A diagnosis that defines the nature of our challenge,
  • A guiding approach for dealing with the challenge, and
  • A set of coherent actions.


Building this strategy was a complex process, but the outcome we seek is a plan that makes opportunities to collaborate with our stakeholders easier, and actions for our workforce to pursue clearer.

This plan is structured to organise our efforts from innovation, to prototype, to execution at scale.

All strategies will adopt the following guiding approach to change:

  • Lead – Striving to know exactly who is missing out and why people drown.
  • Build – Seeking answers, testing solutions and providing help.
  • Empower – Transitioning our energy and effort into sustainable change.

This is how we do things, how the plan will be delivered and how we will drive innovation and positive change.

You can download a copy of our Strategic Plan below.

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