A fun start to the season at Burringurrah

3 November 2021

An Aboriginal boy on a blue Slip N Slide by the poolIt’s been a busy and fun start to the season for the local community at the Burringurrah Remote Aboriginal Swimming Pool, with lots of swimming, fun and visitors!

Pool Manager Jamie O’Donohue says the local children have been happy to get back into the popular Swim for Fruit program, with some regular swimmers blowing their lap targets right out of the water! ”Some are actually doing double and triple the amounts of laps required each time to get more fruit, I’m thinking I may have to plant an orchard soon!”

The Go for 2&5 Swim for Fruit program, which is supported by Healthway, has been running in regional and remote communities for over ten years. It provides an opportunity for children in these areas to improve their swimming and water safety skills while also learning the importance of eating a healthy diet.An Aboriginal boy sliding on his back on a Slip N Slide by the pool

The children have also been enjoying some more relaxed fun, getting into the “Slip N Slide” as a pool entry technique, while the in-pool inflatable has also been a popular pastime.

Murdoch University students sitting along the edge of the pool at BurringurrahThe community recently enjoyed a visit from a group of students from Murdoch University - although the local male dogs were perhaps not quite so happy to see them! The team was in town with the local environmental health officer to complete some practical training towards their veterinarian degrees. On their last day they held a community BBQ at the pool which was attended by 33 people, and thoroughly enjoyed by all.

We love seeing our Remote Aboriginal Swimming Pools used as a community hub and gathering place, and we look forward to seeing all the great times to be enjoyed over the coming months!

Burringurrah is one of eight Remote Aboriginal Swimming Pools managed by Royal Life Saving WA across our state's north. You can read more about the program and its impact on local communitiues at the link below.

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