A rib tickling good time

29 March 2018

Our lifesavers are going hog wild this weekend at the Inaugural Tony Roma’s Rib Eating Competition!

Held as part of the Eat Drink Perth Festival, 12 rib fanatics will be chowing down on some massive hunks of hog with our dedicated mobile lifesavers on hand to ensure the competitors don’t wind up in too much of a sticky situation.

The gorgers have three minutes to consume as much swine as possible - the lucky lip lickin’ swine swallower who comes in first will win a year’s supply of ribs, care of Tony Roma’s! The second-place pork pig-outer will walk (waddle) away with free ribs for three months.

Now that’s some serious sow action!

Think dining is becoming a boar? Come on down to Tony Roma’s to watch the ribs fly and say g’day to our lifesaver, Joelle, who’ll be keeping a close rib-eye on the porkers pig it up!

Eye’s down 11:45am Saturday 31st March - Tony Roma’s – 919 Hay Street. Perth

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