A warning for boaters and anglers this weekend

28 July 2017

Royal Life Saving Society WA is again warning the boating and fishing community to stay safe on and around the water this weekend, as winter storms cross the metro and south-coast areas.

The weather bureau has issued gale warnings for today and tomorrow for the Bunbury Geographe Coast, Leeuwin Coast, Albany Coast and Esperance Coast, while strong wind warnings are in place for Perth Local Waters, Gascoyne Coast, Geraldton Coast, Lancelin Coast, Perth Coast and Eucla Coast.

In Perth swells are predicted to peak around 4 metres, with 30 knot winds. In the South-West Margaret River and Albany swells will reach around 5 1/2 metres with 35 knot winds. In the Central-West Geraldton swells will reach 5m with 25 knot winds.

Over the past 10 years 67 people have lost their lives in fishing related drownings across WA, with 20 of these related specifically to rock fishing.

Royal Life Saving Society WA’s Senior Manager Community Health, Lauren Nimmo says “On average 7 people lose their lives in fishing related drownings each year in WA. Almost all of these occurred in poor weather conditions and large, unpredictable swells, causing people to get swept off rocks or boats to capsize. We’d encourage West Australians to recognise that fishing is a dangerous sport and they must take all the necessary safety precautions.”

Royal Life Saving recommends that all those involved in fishing choose the safest possible location to do so, take time to observe the conditions before getting near the water, always fish with others, always wear a lifejacket and carry a float and line so you are prepared to assist anyone who is washed into the water.

More details about fishing safety are available at the link below.

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Recfishwest has a list of locations where Angel Rings and Rock Anchor Points are available. Click the link below to find out more.

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