Aquatic education for Hedland multicultural women

16 July 2019
Four multicultural ladies from Port Hedland are achieving new goals in the pool after a fantastic term of swimming. The women, all from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CaLD) backgrounds, have been learning to swim as adults due to not having access to swimming and water safety lessons previously.

The Term 2 swimming lessons were made available thanks to funding from the Town of Port Hedland. The women attended classes each week during the 8-week term and, despite a smaller group than usual due to the cooler temperatures, enthusiasm levels remained high. The program was led by experienced swimming instructor Justine Esmonde, who was impressed with what the ladies achieved during the term. She made sure the women were all comfortable in deep water, jumping into water well over their heads, and that their survival sculling and floating skills were well cemented.

“They were all amazing, going to great lengths to achieve their individual goals,” says Justine. “All four ladies achieved deep water swimming this term and faced their fears with courage, dignity and a healthy dose of humour! All the ladies have shared that they are keen to continue their lessons and, in some instances, have encouraged their husbands and partners to have lessons also.”

Highlights from the term included participant Bella sharing that on her last family holiday she couldn’t swim and that she was excited to surprise her husband’s family with her new skills on their next holiday. Another participant, Christina, stated that she felt like a movie star jumping into deep water, “I have seen them do this in the movies and always thought it looked like so much fun – and it is!”

Royal Life Saving WA is working to ensure all Western Australians have access to vital swimming and water safety education, and these multicultural swimming programs are an important part of this. The lessons are part of our Swim and Survive Access and Equity program, which is supported by principal community partner BHP and the Town of Port Hedland.

Well done to all the ladies who can now proudly display their new swimming and water safety skills and we look forward to seeing them again when lessons resume. There are still multicultural programs currently running in the Perth metro area for either men or women, which are due to commence at the end of July. For more information or to enrol, visit the link below.
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