Aquatic labour hire provides the answers

8 February 2018

Dillon Hailwood was happily going about his normal weekly routine in Perth before receiving a call to head to the Pilbara to help with the reopening of the South Hedland Aquatic Centre. 

As a professional pool lifeguard who is contracted with the Royal Life Saving Society’s Labour Hire unit, Dillon now finds himself busily working as part of the team at the South Hedland Aquatic Centre, ensuring high levels of customer service and patron supervision as the community celebrates the re-opening of the centre after a period of closure.

Dillon has settled into the community well, saying that the South Hedland Aquatic Centre’s team is “exceedingly friendly and helpful”. He loves the flexibility this type of work offers, and the chance to work in new places, gain new experience and the opportunity to travel as a professional lifeguard. 

Royal Life Saving WA has been offering support to the aquatic industry via its labour-hire service for many years but has recently taken steps to provide a more pro-active service for facilities in need of short-term labour solutions.

“This summer alone has been a busy one for our contracted labour-hire professionals, with people being sent to all corners of the state,” Royal Life Saving WA’s senior manager – workforce solutions, Travis Doye, says. 

“We are finding now that more and more facilities are contacting us to help with their short-term needs.

“Many of those that have engaged these services have taken the pro-active step of contacting us well in advance of any planned staff leave to ensure that their facility and communities benefit from uninterrupted service.”

More information about the Royal Life Saving Society’s labour-hire activities can be found here:

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