Aquatic Rescue training for Synchro WA coaches

12 June 2020

Two girls in the pool practising rescue skillsJunior coaches from Synchro WA recently took part in a new Aquatic Rescue course for Aquatic Coaches run by Royal Life Saving WA trainer Leanne Coverley-Brandis. The course was held last weekend at HBF Stadium, with participants also staying on to complete CPR training.

The coaches involved in the Aquatic Rescue training were 9 teens aged 14-16 years who are currently on Synchro teams throughout the Perth Metro Area and are a part of the SynchroStART Coaching program.Two girls practising first aid skills

Although they are all strong swimmers none of them had previously completed their Bronze Medallion or any other aquatic rescue training, so Synchro WA’s Camille Claudino says they wanted to make sure they have some basic Aquatic Rescue knowledge. “It’s important for them to learn the aquatic rescue skills because the young swimmers they’ll be coaching will come from various swimming backgrounds and as they begin they won’t be as familiar with the swimmers’ abilities. We wanted to make sure that at the very least they know how to get someone out of the water if they were in trouble.”

Synchro WA and Royal Life Saving WA want to build a relationship so their coaches are up to speed with water safety and CPR. During the course they learned water safety and rescue techniques, safe entry into the water, and also had a CPR refresher as all of Synchro WA’s competitive coaches must hold a current CPR certificate.

We look forward to being able to continue to work with Synchro WA to built these vital skills into their coaches and teams across the state.

A group of Synchro WA coaches practising rescue skills in the pool watched by a Royal Life Saving trainer