Aquatic training and recreation returns following COVID-19 shutdown

3 June 2020

Royal Life Saving WA is excited to see that under the WA Government’s Phase 3 relaxation of COVID-19 restrictions, full contact sport and training can resume as of 6th June 2020. This is great news for WA’s many public aquatic facilities and swim schools who can now welcome more West Australians back to their facilities to take part in not only swimming training and recreation, but also swimming lessons.

The following restrictions apply to aquatic facilities re-opening at this time:

  • Venues that have swimming pools are subject to the same capacity requirements as other venues.
  • Swimming pools are permitted to accommodate up to 100 persons in each undivided space, and up to 300 patrons per venue, provided there is at least 2 square metres of floor space per patron.
  • Venues with multiple pools can open multiple indoor and outdoor pools, as long as the total number of patrons does not exceed 100 in any undivided space, and does not exceed 300 across the venue.
  • Change rooms and shower facilities can also open.
  • Patrons include spectators and swimmers.
  • Swimming classes can resume.
  • This measure also applies to swimming pools at hotels and caravan parks.


The fact that the Government specifically states that swimming lessons can resume, and when in the water contact is now permitted makes it feasible for our Infant Aquatics, Swim & Survive and Bronze Rescue lifesaving programs to recommence. Coupled with the right safety measures the new rules will allow programs to be delivered with an instructor in the water catering for beginner swimmers who are unable to maintain buoyancy unaided and also lifesaving programs that require contact or rescue holds to be performed.

Under Phase 3 arrangements Royal Life Saving can re-commence most of its important community work. The ‘roadmap’ below illustrates the stages leading toward the full re-activation of our programs/services.

Royal Life Saving WA Roadmap to COVID-19 recovery

We encourage all our Endorsed Swim Schools and partner aquatic facilities to make contact with us should they have any questions, and we look forward to seeing each of them opening to the public as soon as they are ready.

The FAQ’s available at the link below provide additional advice in regards to swimming pools.

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