Beating the heat in Marble Bar

22 April 2016

As the weather cools down in Perth the temperatures are still up around the 40-degree mark in Marble Bar, and residents have been beating the heat by taking part in our Go for 2 and 5 Swim for Fruit program.

Over the past few months 65 girls, 111 boys and 28 adults were involved swimming laps, playing games of volleyball and other pool games at the Marble Bar Swimming Pool. Participants were rewarded with fresh fruit to enjoy for their efforts.Children swimming laps in Marble Bar Swimming Pool

David Clarke, Senior Aquatic Officer in Marble Bar, has been doing an amazing job getting children in the community involved in the program, which aims to increase participation in physical activity while also encouraging healthy eating in aboriginal communities. David is passionate about ensuring the children eat healthy fruit and goes out of his way to make sure there is a big variety of fresh fruit on offer for them, which can be a major challenge in remote, regional areas of WA!

He says “The Go for 2 and 5 Swim for Fruit Program has been very successful and provides fantastic benefits for the remote town of Marble Bar. It’s great to see the positive interaction between the children and parents throughout the program. Kids are coming in straight from school and on weekends and asking me if I have any fruit. Even if I don’t at that time they still do their laps anyway!”

The Go for 2 and 5 Swim for Fruit program is supported by Healthway and has successfully increased participation in physical activity and improved nutrition in 18 regional and remote communities since its inception in 2013, reducing the risk of chronic disease and promoting healthy lifestyle choices. David Clarke has seen the impact of the program first hand and says “From the town of Marble Bar, everyone from five-year-old children to adults in their 50s would like to say a big thank you to Royal Life Saving and Healthway for making great programs like this available to small remote towns.”

Marble Bar is continuing to run the Go for 2 and 5 Swim for Fruit Program over the school holidays.

More information about the Go for 2 and 5 Swim for Fruit program is available at the link below.