Bidyadanga children enjoy school holiday pool fun

4 October 2019

The children at our Bidyadanga Remote Aboriginal Swimming Pool love to welcome guests and this week was no exception, with 14 volunteers from St Patrick’s Marist College, Dundas, NSW travelling from Sydney to Bidyadanga to run school holiday activities as part of their community engagement program.

The Bidyadanga kids had a ball, engaging in craft activities and ball games, but the definite highlight for kids and volunteers was been a big day out at the pool. With so many volunteers for supervision, the pool was opened up to all kids over the age of six to join in the fun, and join in they did with over 50 kids coming along to the pool on the day.

With an assortment of balls, dive toys and floatation toys available to use no organised activities were needed, with the volunteers just getting in the pool to play with the kids. Active play in the pool helps create good bonds of friendship and safety all while just having fun.

One volunteer commented that the best thing they noticed on the day was that these children are happy and healthy, full of smiles, laughter and energy all without a mobile phone in sight! It was very different to the city lifestyle the Dundas youth are used too.

Most of the volunteers had not heard of Bidyadanga before they took the long trip across the Nullabor to visit, and all left saying that it will now hold a special place in their hearts!

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