Bidyadanga community lap it up

5 April 2018

Three cyclones hammering the Kimberley this summer made for a massively drenched wet season, so Bidyadanga Remote Aboriginal Swimming Pool Manager, Bernie Egan, kick-started the Go for 2 and 5 Lap Challenge in March to help motivate the community back into the pool.

The challenge involved the local kids and adults swimming laps for prizes, with different events during the month and the major prize of a scooter for the most laps in each category.

A total of 63 swimmers took part in the Lap Challenge, swimming a massive 7550 laps between them! Adults swam the full 25m, while the kids swam across the pool, which is 12.5m.

Two aboriginal boys with a basketball in front of the Go For 2 and 5 Tally Board at BidyadangaBernie says the competition was fierce! “The new Go for 2 and 5 Tally Board became a focus for the month as everyone checked to see where they were positioned and who was winning. The biggest competition was amongst the Over 10 Girls with the leader changing many times during the month.”

Over 10 Boy, BJ swam a massive 708 laps for the month - the most laps for all categories. Other winners were LeiChey, Over 10 Girl with 458 laps, Jahran, Under 10 Boy with 222 laps and Elizinah, Under 10 Girl with 300 laps. In the adult categories we had Tania with 680 laps and Ami our beginner swimmer with 52 laps. Keleesha who is 4 years old completed 50 laps in the kiddy pool.

Special mention to Clazique who swam 174 laps in one day – quite the achievement!

Spot prizes, including footballs and basketballs, were given out for the Sunday Superstars with most laps for the day and Weekly Wonders, most laps for the week. Other daily prizes included a ‘Beat Bernie’ prize, with the Pool Manager setting a lap target to beat for the day with everyone who beat that number able to pick a prize, including Don’t Drink and Drown caps, sunglasses, bouncy balls and Frisbees.

Following the success of the Go for 2 and 5 Lap Challenge in March there are plans to put it on the calendar again next season, with the hopes of having a Remote Pool Challenge against the other Remote Pools too! The kids in Bidyadanga will have plenty of time to train up and kick lap butt again!

Find out more about the amazing work happening at our Remote Aboriginal Swimming Pools at the link below.

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