Bidyadanga Kidilink kids have a splashing good time

21 February 2020

Small children in the remote Aboriginal community of Bidyadanga have started the new school year by learning vital water safety knowledge and swimming skills. New students from the 2020 Kindilink class enjoyed a Pool Party at Bidyadanga Remote Community Pool to start their life as students.

An Aboriginal child's arm with a Walter the Watchdog slapband onThe morning began with a Watch Around Water presentation by Pool Manager Bernie Egan, who talked to the parents and children about the importance of just getting in the water and playing with your child. According to Bernie “It’s the best type of supervision because you are just having fun while the children learn about how their body moves differently in the water than it does on the land."

The kids were delighted to get their Walter the watchdog tattoos and slap bands!A group of children and parents having a picnic on the grass at Bidyadanga pool

Next the kids has some time in the pool, where they enjoyed some splashing and kicking, sang a few songs and splashed a bit more. Bernie says the adults also had an opportunity to get wet! “Getting the parents and carers comfortable in the water with their children was a very important part of the day, because sometimes the child has more confidence in their ability than the parent who’s natural instinct is to protect.”

The morning finished with a nice picnic on the grass, where Kindilink teacher Miss Hannah welcomed her students for the new year. Kindilink students will come to the pool once a week during term 1 to continue their water safety and water play lessons.

For more information about how our Remote Aboriginal Swimming Pools are making water safety a priority in remote WA communities you can click the link below.

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