Bidyadanga kids take on the challenge

5 April 2019

Throughout March at Bidyadanga Remote Aboriginal Community Pool the Go for 2 and 5 Lap Challenge, supported by Healthway, was the highlight event on the schedule. It was the third time the event has been run at the pool and it was an overwhelming success.

A massive 89 swimmers achieved a new record total of 10852 laps swum over the month. The event also saw 319 pieces of fruit handed out to each swimmer after swimming their laps. Pool Manager Bernie Egan says the kids had a definite preference when it came to picking a snack. "Bananas are the definite favourite, but there were also plenty of apples and oranges as well."

Laps swum during the month accumulate on the tally board and there are 2 winners in the 3 junior categories. In March there were some amazing prizes on offer, with 3 BMX bikes up for grabs for the most laps in each age group, and 3 Scooter prizes for the most swims. Throughout the month 45 spot prizes were also handed out including raffle ticket draws for balls, books and frisbees. Kids earn a raffle ticket each time they swim and at the end of each week the random prizes were drawn to give everyone a chance to win a prize.

This time around the challenge also saw the introduction of Lap Club certificates. These certificates were awarded for passing milestones. 14 children managed to swim 100 + laps, 9 kids swam 200 + laps, 3 kids amassed 400 + laps and 1 even reach the huge total of 700 + laps. The highest Lap Club certificate was awarded to 9-year-old Dakota with a Bidyadanga best of 1000 laps.

The older kids in town also got involved, with six swimmers in the 16 and over category putting laps on the board, while the local school teachers got in on the action in the Teacher Challenge vying for the Veggie Head Perpetual Plate which saw 5 teachers swim for bragging rights and their name on the staff room trophy. The winner among the teachers was Sir Tony who swam 342 laps.

Bernie says the prizes and awards were handed out this week at the pool. "The kids in attendance were pretty happy and proud of their efforts being recognised. And everyone who attended got to share and enjoy the fruit platters on offer. The success of the Go for 2 and 5 Lap Challenge program, will see the challenge run again in November for the start of the new pool season."

Royal Life Saving WA would like to congratulate all the winners form their outstanding efforts including:

6 and Under

  • Pylipia Nundi 214 laps -  won a BMX bike
  • Amy Nundi 126 laps - won a Scooter

Age 7 to 9 years

  • Dakota Stone 1000 laps - won a Trophy (she kindly donated her bike back as she had a bike!)
  • Jahran (Jezza) Kitty 400 laps - won a BMX
  • Bjorn Nundi 244 laps (10 swims) - won a Scooter 

Age 10 to 15 years

  • Branson (BJ) Hunter 742 laps - won a BMX
  • Taysin Thomas 430 laps (10 swims) - won a Scooter

16+ (this includes community adults)

  • Natty Bullen 60 laps - won a football and Swim and Survive pack