Bidyadanga pool raising funds in virtual Lake Argyle swim

4 February 2022

Each year in early May the First National Lake Argyle Swim is held just outside of Kununurra, with teams heading to Lake Argyle to take on a 10 or 20 kilometre swim in the iconic waterway. Locals in the Kimberley town of Bidyadanga have wanted to take part, but due to the tyranny of distance have been unable to.

This year Bidyadanga Pool Manager Bernie Egan has decided to do something about this, hosting a Virtual First National Lake Argyle Swim event at the Bidyadanga Community Pool. Bernie says, while not the same as competing in the actual event, this is the next best thing to do, and the community is excited! “A range of people will take place in the virtual swim – from the pool’s regular early morning swimmers, Bidyadanga’s swimming and life saving club, and community members who wish to participate. We are hoping to have participants for 3 teams – Adult 20km and 10km teams and a Bidgy Kids Team for the 10kms - that's 400 laps of our 25m pool!”

With the new school year underway training is amping up for those getting involved. The children are taking part in a Go for 2 and 5 Swim for Fruit Lap Challenge, which is giving them plenty of incentive to get their swim fitness up ready for the Virtual Swim.

Bernie says the Virtual Swim will take place on Saturday, April 2nd, 2022, and is being done for a good cause! “As part of our motivation and incentive for the community to participate, we are using the event to raise $8,500 to purchase some sustainable Aflex inflatables to use for pool parties, school holiday programs, school rewards and for the biggest mob of FUN.”

Royal Life Saving WA is facilitating the fundraiser via our online AuRaffles microsite and we’d love for you to get behind the event and give the Bidyadanga community your support for their efforts. You can donate at the link below!

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