Build a doggy paddling pool for pooches

19 September 2018

Don’t let your doggo miss out on the poolside action this spring! The following is a guide on how to craft your very own pool for your beloved pooch!

You will need about five metres of ply wood by 65cm, a large plastic tarpaulin, screws and a drill. You’ll also need to ensure the pool is in a fenced off area if the water level is greater than 300mm.

Step 1: Make the Structure

For the structure, you’ll need to screw together a bottom and sides, so five pieces of timber - we suggest using 20mm thick plywood. A general good-sized pool for optimum doggy paddle for a medium sized dog would require the following cuts of 20mm plywood:

(1) 1m x 65cm - the bottom
(2) 1m x 20cm - long sides
(2) 65cm x 20cm - short sides

Of course, the size could be altered depending on your materials and the size of your dog! Make sure the pool is shallow enough, so your dog can easily walk in and out of the pool and remember to place the pool in a fenced area to ensure optimum safety for inquisitive children.

Step 2: Arranging the Tarp

Once the box is screwed together, fold a tarp a couple of times, line it over the box, arrange it and screw it down on the sides. Be generous with the amount of screws and make sure to push the tarp down properly, so nothing would tear once it gets filled with water.

Step 3: Fill It Up!

Once you have the tarp attached to the box and any small holes fixed with duct tape, start to fill the pool with a hose and invite your pooch into the pool!

Step 4: Maintenance

Be sure to replace the water each time your doggo wants a dip to ensure optimum doggy paddle conditions. Feel free to paint the inside and outside of the pool with exterior house paint to help seal those gaps – and to decorate it so your doggo is most definitely the coolest dog in town!

For more information on the pool fencing guidelines for shallow pools at home, please click below.

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