Bumper crop of lifeguards complete requalification at Bruce Rock

22 October 2021
Royal Life Saving WA trainers Leanne Coverley-Brandis and Ryan Scally recently headed to Bruce Rock to deliver a pool lifeguard requalification session to a group of pool operators from various Wheatbelt towns.

Bruce Rock is an agricultural town located in the heart of WA's Wheatbelt region, approximately 240km east of Perth. Like many pools in its region, the Bruce Rock Aquatic Centre closes during the cooler months of the year, opening for six months from October to April.

Pool lifeguards attending requalification at Bruce Rock Aquatic CentreEnsuring aquatic staff across the Wheatbelt are adequately prepared for the summer season after several months away from the pool is vital in maintaining the quality of the lifeguard service provided to local communities. Requalification ensures these sole operators' lifeguard skills and fitness are up to scratch for the day-to-day work of a lifeguarding and running a pool, as well as being prepared for emergency situations. 

The recent requalification course was held at the Bruce Rock Aquatic Centre on Friday 15th October, with an extra-large group participating in the course. Leanne and Ryan requalified a total of 22 participants, refreshing their skills in time for the pools reopening across the region in the coming weeks. 

Trainer Leanne Coverley-Brandis supervising a practise spinal board rescueThe group performed a variety of aquatic rescue scenarios including the use of spinal boards for suspected spinal injuries. CPR skills were also practised in the resuscitation component of the course including the administration of oxygen.

Regular training helps lifeguards keep their skills up to date and provides an opportunity to practise for incidents which may not occur very often or at all during a season. Being able to respond quickly and appropriately should the need arise is a key part of a lifeguard’s skill set. 

Pool Lifeguards require a high degree of judgement, knowledge, skill and fitness for both day-to-day lifeguarding and the stress of an emergency. Regular update training helps to maintain a lifeguard’s confidence which improves their ability to prevent accidents and respond competently when they occur.

Think you have what it takes? Learn more about becoming a Pool Lifeguard at the link below:
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