Busy times at Bidyadanga

5 December 2017

From the smallest kindy kids right up to the older high-school students, everyone from LaGrange Remote Community School has had a ball at Bidyadanga Community Pool this term.

Pool manager Bernie Egan says the kindy link and kindy students have been singing and playing water games this term. “The sessions have been lots of fun, with heaps of splashing and diving activities for the kids to gain some vital water skills."
Small children having fun in the pool
“The activities revolve around building water confidence and getting them ready for more formal lessons in the future.”

Primary-school students have been participating in Swim and Survive lessons this term. “A total of 74 students have attended, with 44 students completing six or more lessons to earn their Swim and Survive certificates, from stages 2 to stage 8,” Bernie says.

This year, a total of eight year-six students were awarded the stage 8 certificate – the highest number since the pool opened nine years ago. “This shows that the kids who have been able to attend lessons since the pool was built have continued to improve and become competent swimmers,” Bernie adds.

Students from the high school outdoor education program have been practising their kayaking skills in the pool before heading out for a beach excursion. “It has been interesting to see kayaks zipping up and down the pool, and the kids’ stopping and turning has improved each week. 

“Unfortunately, the excursion was cancelled due to a large salt-water crocodile seen at beach.”
Two children in the pool with noodles
With the school year coming to an end, LaGrange Remote Community School also recently held its annual Swimming Carnival. Students were able to show how much their swimming had improved over the Swim and Survive lessons, with many ribbons handed out for all the races.

“With just three weeks left of term four, we are finishing the year with school attendance reward sessions and PE classes in the pool,” Bernie adds.

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