Celebrating more than a decade of amazing service

21 May 2021
Royal Life Saving WA’s Remote Aboriginal Swimming Pool program has been providing vital swimming and water safety skills in remote communities across the north of our state for over 20 years. The pools can only run thanks to the dedication of the staff who travel to these communities for nine months of each year to ensure they are well maintained and provide regular programming for local families.

Trevor and Adele Caporn have long been a part of this vital program, managing several of these pools, and assisting at others, for over ten years. The pair moved to Fitzroy Crossing to manage the remote pool in that town in 2010. After a few years they moved on to Bidyadanga and Burringurrah for a time, before returning to Fitzroy Crossing in 2016. Over this period Trevor has also been involved at Balgo and Halls Creek pools, providing pool management and mentorship support in those communities. Adele has also travelled extensively, teaching swimming lessons and lifesaving courses at towns across our north-west.

Trevor and Adele have become valued members of the Fitzroy Crossing community, building strong relationships as they facilitate the delivery of a vast number of swimming lessons, courses and activities for communities right across the Fitzroy Valley. Adele has often been seen teaching swimming lessons in local waterholes to ensure the children have the practical skills needed to safely participate in water activities outside of the managed safety of the pool environment. The pair have also actively provided training, volunteering and employment opportunities for many local community members.

After more than a decade of dedicated service to the Remote Aboriginal Swimming Pool program Trevor and Adele finished up their service at Fitzroy Crossing at the end of the recent season, in order to move to Mandurah where they can spend more with their family. Royal Life Saving WA acknowledges the amazing service they have provided right across our state over the years, thanks them for all they have achieved and wishes them well in their future!