Communities come together for Swim for Fruit challenge

26 February 2020

Recently the remote communities of Coolgardie and Laverton met up for a friendly Swim for Fruit competition.

Kathy Brooking, the Coolgardie pool manager, took kids from the community on the almost 400 kilometre trip to the Laverton pool for the event. It's great to see the two communities coming together to enjoy safe swimming activities. Not only did the children have a good time but they were rewarded with ample fruit and a sausage sizzle. 

Swim for fruit competition participants swimming laps

Janine Rowe, the Laverton pool manager said “it gave two small communities miles apart a chance to meet and hopefully make new friends. There was no winner but lots of fun.”

This was the first season Coolgardie has run the Swim for Fruit program and had a stellar attendance of over 30 youths between 6-17 years old. In the short amount of time the program has been in place the aquatic centre staff have noticed the improvement in swimming skills.

In addition to this fun event, both pools run the Swim for Fruit sessions every week throughout the summer. 

The Swim for Fruit program has been successful in engaging Aboriginal children in safe swimming and increasing fruit consumption. This is largely due to the strong relationships pool managers have created within the community.

Click below for more details on the Go for 2&5 Swim for Fruit Program. 

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