Drowning experience leads to raffle win

11 June 2021

A personal non-fatal drowning experience led our latest raffle winner to support Royal Life Saving WA, and her support of this cause that’s close to her heart has paid off, as she took home $15,000 cash in our latest major raffle.

Royal Life Saving WA runs raffles right throughout the year, supporting our vital work to prevent drowning across our state. Ai Lian joined our Royalty VIP club in 2018, making a regular monthly pledge that gives her automatic entry into VIP exclusive raffles each month and our three major raffles each year. For Ai Lian supporting Royal Life Saving WA is something she feels strongly about. “I had a traumatic drowning experience during swimming lessons as a child that still prevents me from going anywhere near the waters. The Royal Life Saving WA efforts to help families with fatal or non-fatal drowning incidents through counseling, therapy or equipment really resonates with me.”

Sadly, for every child who drowns in WA up to 10 are hospitalised following a non-fatal drowning incident, with up to four of these suffering lifelong health implications including brain damage. These injuries have the highest average lifetime cost of any injury type and have a devastating impact on victims, families, siblings, parents and other caregivers. Royal Life Saving WA’s raffles help to provide families with the financial assistance they need, making a real difference in the lives of children impacted by a fatal or non-fatal drowning.

Ai Lian says when she received the call from our fundraising team to say she was the lucky winner of our May raffle she really couldn’t believe it! “I was overjoyed and still find it unbelievable! When I first saw a missed call from Royal Life Saving I thought that there may be a problem with my payment. The thought of being one of the raffle winners never crossed my mind.”

As for how she will go about enjoying her amazing raffle win Ai Lian says she’ll be using it wisely. “I plan to have a big dinner to celebrate with family and friends, but the remainder will be saved for rainy days.”

Royal Life Saving WA appreciates the support of its faithful raffle supporters who make a real difference in so many lives. Ai Lian says she would encourage others to take part in the raffles or VIP Club as she has. “Definitely get involved! You can make a huge impact for families who have gone through a drowning incident. Plus, you may just be the next lucky winner!”

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