ERGT and Royal Life Saving work together for aquatic safety

26 October 2018

Early in 2018 ERGT reached out to Royal Life Saving Society WA for advice on how to go about providing an adequate lifeguarding response for their HUET (Helicopter Underwater Escape Training) training pool at the ERGT Facility in Jandakot. ERGT is Australia’s leading specialist training provider in safety, survival and emergency response training for high risk industries. This training includes in water survival training for those working in the offshore oil and gas industry.

Royal Life Saving Society WA provided a comprehensive Aquatic Safety Assessment of the ERGT Facility and arranged for key staff at ERGT to become trained Aquatic Rescue instructors. This enabled them to bring the training in-house and streamline the upskilling of staff, while ensuring that they received their OPITO reaccreditation.

During the assessment process Royal Life Saving approached ERGT with a proposal to become Gold Members of the Society, ERGT responded in turn with an offer of a $5000 donation to assist the Society with its ongoing work in water safety and drowning prevention.

Both ERGT and Royal Life Saving are concerned with reducing the risks associated with drowning and improving water safety outcomes. It was only natural that the relationship between the two organisations would develop the way it has.

We’re thankful for ERGT’s support and were pleased to see their team take part in the recent Wear Your Lifejacket to Work Day, as we both work to spread the vital water safety message among the WA community.

Would your company like to make a donation or become a member of Royal Life Saving WA?

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