Exmouth parents learn valuable lifesaving skills

27 September 2021
Royal Life Saving WA Community Trainer Gayle Cruden recently travelled to Exmouth to deliver a series of educational courses to the Exmouth community during the week of 13-19th September. Her visit included conducting a Heart Beat Club session, which was held at the Exmouth pool on the evening of Wednesday 15th September.

Eight parents and carers of young children attended the session, which was provided free of charge thanks to funding from Principal Community Partner BHP.

The Heart Beat Club is a community education course that teaches parents and carers of young children how to perform child and infant CPR and provide first aid treatment for common childhood injuries including burns and scalds, choking and drowning. Importantly, the course equips parents and carers of children under five with the confidence and lifesaving skills to respond to emergency situations.

Gayle received a lot of positive feedback from those who attended the course. One parent said the best aspect of the course was “how much I learnt! Particularly choking.” Another participant said, “Thank you! Regular CPR courses in Exmouth would be so beneficial to the new/young families in this town. Please come again! Very much appreciated.”

Rachel Murray, Royal Life Saving WA Keep Watch Program Coordinator, arranged the Heart Beat Club session for Gayle to conduct during her visit to the town. “The course was originally scheduled for Tuesday but had to be cancelled last minute due to Gayle being ill,” she said.

“It was really pleasing that so many people were able to make the time to attend the rescheduled course – a sign of how important this kind of life saving training is to the community. Thanks to acting pool manager Gus for being willing to make the pool training room available for us last minute.”
You can learn more about the Heart Beat Club program at the link below.

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