Family fun at Burringurrah

19 March 2018

The remote Aboriginal community of Burringurrah came to life on Sunday for its family fun day at the local pool!

“Burringurrah has been almost a ghost town since before Christmas, with a lot of families out of community,” pool manager Mel Warren explains. “However, in the last week, 75% have returned. It was fantastic to see so many faces back in the community and so many faces back enjoying the pool!”
little girl on the side of the pool
Parents and carers were encouraged to come down to the pool and spend the day with their little ones for the fun day. “We had a massive turnout with over 45 people using the pool throughout the day. It was fantastic to see parents at the pool interacting with their children!

“We had music, games and fruit platters to help the day - overall the day was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone who attended.”
little boy sitting on the side of the pool
Community events such as Burringurrah Family Fun Day are vital in encouraging swimming and water safety in Indigenous communities. Research has found that the drowning rate amongst Australian Aboriginals is three times higher than other Australian children aged 0–14 years, and is ranked the second-most-common cause of injury death. A review of drowning data indicates limited water safety awareness combined with alarmingly low participation levels in swimming and water safety programs as key factors.
little girl underwater
Royal Life Saving WA has many years' experience working in remote communities. Our Remote Aboriginal Swimming Pools Project (RASPP) is funded primarily through the Department of Communities with additional contribution made through BHP and the Telethon Kids Institute. It focuses on providing the remote communities of Burringurrah, Jigalong, Yandeyarra, Bidyadanga, Warmun and Fitzroy Crossing with recreational and educational swimming programs, to encourage safe aquatic participation.
Mel and a little girl
Royal Life Saving pool managers live in each community for nine months of the year, maintaining the pools and delivering community programs which include swimming lessons, swimming and lifesaving carnivals, birthday parties, after-school and holiday swimming, lap swimming, lifesaving training and other activities at the request of the community.

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