Fish safe this Easter

13 April 2017

Recfishwest has launched a campaign this Easter urging WA fishers to avoid rock fishing, and instead fish from the beach.

Easter is well known as a popular time to get away with family and friends over the long weekend, and enjoy the great fishing experiences WA has to offer - both in the metro area and along the coast of regional WA. 

Royal Life Saving Society WA has identified 34 rock fishing related drowning deaths between 2001/02 to 2015/16. All bar two incidents were in regional Western Australia and a quarter occurred at Salmon Holes in Albany, a location notorious for high swells and poor weather conditions.

Recfish West says many of our best fishing experiences in WA occur from some of the world’s best beaches we have, so playing it safe and fishing from the beach is a great option! Salmon, a WA favourite, are already making appearances at popular fishing locations around Esperance, Albany and the South West.

Recfishwest Chief Executive Officer and Salmon fishing expert Dr Andrew Rowland said Salmon are a superb sport fish, however he reminds fishers it’s not worth putting your life at risk when the salmon turn up.

“For those fishing in unfamiliar areas this Easter, Recfishwest strongly recommends fishing from the beach” Dr Rowland said. "People have been catching good numbers of Salmon from south coast and south west beaches in recent weeks and as the locals will tell you, beach fishing has always been a great, safe place for the whole family to fish.”

If you must fish from rocks, Recfishwest wants fishers to understand some simple rock fishing safety messages:

  • Know how to swim – If you can’t swim, fish from the beach 
  • Wear a Life Jacket – Australia’s new #1 small fishing jacket, designed for fishing, worn by all safe rock fishers – check out the Fish and Survive website
  • Never fish alone – fish with friends and family
  • Observe first, fish later – watch the ocean conditions, the beach is always safer
  • Use appropriate safety equipment – if rock fishing, use rock boots, wear light weight clothing, take ropes to tie onto rock bolts, wear a life jacket
  • Tell someone your plans – tell your family where you’re fishing and when you’ll be home

There is also no shortage of Free Life Jackets around WA, that fishers can hire for the day to ensure they return home safe after a day's fishing. To see where you can pick up a free life jacket, visit the Recfishwest website.