Friday Night Pool Disco at the Warmun Pool

3 March 2020

The Warmun pool recently held a Friday night disco for the community. 

Kids ready to jump in the pool at the Warmun night disco

Aaron Jacobs, pool manager, organised the even with the assistance of the Gija Youth Program, who provided the food of fruit and a BBQ, and the Warmun Police, who brought he music and disco lights.

The disco was a great turnout as there were over 50 youth and families in attendance.  The local teenagers were able to claim their own fun spot in the corner of the pool grounds where the lights and music were set up. The evening’s highlight were very competitive pool relay races

Warmun is a small Aboriginal community, 860km east of Broome and 200km south of Kununurra in the far north of Western Australia. It was known as Turkey Creek for many years but has now reverted to the Aboriginal name for the area

The community is home to nearly 600 people, mainly Gija speakers, but also includes Aboriginal people from other language groups. In addition, the community is one of the principal access points to the beautiful Purnululu National Park and the famous Bungle Bungles.

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