Fun and water safety awareness in regional WA

7 October 2016
With the remote aboriginal swimming pool season up and running in our state's north our remote pool managers are working together to ensure their pools provide not only a fun environment for those using them but valuable water safety education.3 aboriginal boys having fun on the Watch Around Water inflatable

Recently remote pool managers Bernie Egan from Bidyadanga and Trevor Caporn from Fitzroy Crossing met up at Willare Bridge on Highway One near Derby to hand over the Watch Around Water Inflatable.

The inflatable is a much loved asset which is shared across the remote pools, allowing the children to enjoy some extra special fun.

It's made its way to Bidyadanga for Watch around Water Month, which is aimed at promoting not only the great fun that can be had at the pool, but also the importance of parents providing supervision of their children around the pool.

Bidyadanga's Bernie Egan says the inflatable received a very warm welcome. "The kids were pumped when they saw me unload it from the car, and are ready for the fun to begin."

To find out more about the Watch Around Water program click the link below.

To learn more about the work Bernie Egan does at Bidyadanga click here.