Hedland Junior Lifeguards show amazing lifesaving skills

23 May 2021
two young girls practising checking the airwayMembers of a special Port Hedland Junior Lifeguard Club, dubbed locally as the Community Rescue Club, recently underwent an assessment before the club winds up for the season.

girl practising chest compressions on a manikinThe students, who average 10 years of age, attended the South Hedland Aquatic Centre on 12th May for the session with instructor Lauren Thompson. “The students were assessed on their fitness and continuous swim capabilities on Wednesday, followed by simulated scenarios of a near-fatal drowning rescue,” she said.

“The students are efficient in spinal rescue techniques, casualty recognition, primary survey and resuscitation, and post resuscitation casualty management including reporting to emergency services,” says Lauren.

An impressive set of skills at any age, but even more so for these young primary school students! The club is winding up for the season and will recommence in Term 4 this year.

young boy practises putting someone in recovery positionThe Community Rescue Club is part of the Royal Life Saving WA Junior Lifeguard Club program and was established in Port Hedland through a collaboration with the Polly Farmer Foundation, with funding from Principal Community Partner BHP. The program offers 9- to 11-year-old Indigenous students the opportunity to build on their swimming fitness as well as learning aquatic rescue techniques.

Royal Life Saving WA data shows that Aboriginal children are 14 times more likely to be involved in a fatal drowning incident than non-Aboriginal children in our state. Providing opportunities for these kids to learn vital swimming and lifesaving skills is an important step in turning these statistics around.

Learn more about Royal Life Saving WA’s work in providing swimming and water safety education to Indigenous communities at the link below:

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Learn more about the Junior Lifeguard Club program and how you can get involved at the link below.

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