Hedland junior lifeguards wrap their heads around first aid

30 September 2021
Baler Primary student holds up her bandaged forearmStudents from Baler Primary School in South Hedland recently had the opportunity to wrap their heads around some first aid techniques, literally!

The bandaging, splints and slings lesson was part of a training session for the Community Rescue Junior Lifeguard Club, which was established earlier this year in partnership with the Polly Farmer Foundation’s Learning Club initiative at the school.

The Community Rescue Club extends the activities of the Royal Life Saving WA Talent Pool program and encourages students to imagine becoming a lifeguard in the future or take up one of the many employment opportunities that exist in the aquatic industry.

Baler Primary students practise bandaging each other's limbsStudents are supported through the program “to build upon their aspirations, self-belief and valuable life skills,” says Royal Life Saving WA Pilbara Development Officer Lauren Thompson.

The students took a different approach to their weekly Club lesson during the final week of Term 3, learning valuable first aid knowledge and skills around bandaging and slings. Fourteen students participated in the lesson, learning the skills to apply first aid treatment for snake bites, amputations, injuries and wounds to limbs, and head trauma.

Girls from Baler Primary School at a first aid bandaging training session “The students were ‘wrapped’ (pun intended) to carry out simulated scenarios on their peers,” said Lauren. “Now that the warmer weather is upon us, a focus on first aid is pertinent as Hedland has seen an increase in sightings of snakes, reminding us all of the importance of prompt first aid management. This is highly relevant to Pilbara residents, as we have both land and sea snake varieties that share the Pilbara coast as home.”

The Community Rescue Club is supported by Principal Community Partner BHP. The program, which is aimed at students in Years 4 to 6, was recently expanded to include students at all three primary schools in South Hedland as well as the high school. Read more about the program at the link below.
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