Help for families affected by drownings

6 January 2016
Royal Life Saving Society WA is deeply saddened by the recent spate of fatal and non-fatal drowning incidents involving West Australian children. We want to ensure the community is aware of the assistance we're able to provide for the families involved.

Royal Life Saving is committed to reducing the impact of drowning on our community.  Our primary aim is to prevent drowning from occurring, through education to ensure community members understand how to keep themselves and their families safe around water. However, should a fatal or non-fatal drowning incident occur we're also determined to provide support; both practical and emotional, for families and individuals affected.

For every child that drowns in WA up to 8 are hospitalised following a non-fatal drowning incident, with 10 per cent of these suffering serious life-long health implications including brain damage. According to the World Health Organisation's "World Report on child injury prevention" these injuries are estimated to have the highest average lifetime cost of any injury type, and have a great impact on families, including the victims, siblings, parents and other caregivers.

Royal Life Saving Society WA is providing support for these families through our Keep Watch Community Help Grants. These grants, of up to $2500 each, can provide financial assistance for counselling, therapy, equipment, modifications, technology purchase or other resources or items to help make a difference in the lives of children impacted by a non-fatal drowning incident. 

Applications for the grants can be completed here

We're also offering peer-to-peer support counselling for families impacted by drowning and non-fatal drowning, and encourage those affected by a drowning incident to contact us for advice and support. For further information please call 9383 8200.