Holiday fun at Kalumburu

15 April 2021

Two teachers in the pool at KalumburuKalumburu is a remote Aboriginal community in WA’s Kimberley region, and is the northernmost settlement in our state. The Remote Aboriginal Swimming Pool there was completed in late 2019, and now in just it’s second season open locals have made more than 4500 visits to the pool this season, showing it’s been a very welcome addition to town!

During the April school holidays the Kalumburu Aboriginal Corporation has been running a special school holiday program at the pool, with Pool Manager Ryan Ingley joined by Kimberley and Sam to help. The program has been a hit with the local kids, especially the water polo, as they got to to try out the new nets that Ryan purchased this season.

The pool was smelling like coconut cream stew thanks to the yummy community lunch treat of stew and rice that was provided to those taking part.

The Kalumburu Remote Pool has been a popular place, with local teachers Miss Sam and Miss Jayne staying around for the holidays and making the most of the pool for a cooling dip! The team is also always happy to see Viola and Gabriella make their way through the gates each day, as they love getting involved the in the Go For 2&5 Swim for Fruit program. Swim for Fruit is an initiative supported by Healthway that sees the children receive a healthy fruit treat in exchange for swimming laps of the pool.

We’re pleased to see the great community engagement happening at the Kalumburu Remote Pool as the locals make the most of this facility that enables them to learn vital swimming and water safety skills.

You can read more about all the benefits that our Remote Aboriginal Swimming Pools bring to these communities at the link below.

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