Holiday parties at Warmun pool

12 January 2022

Warmun families at a night time pool partyThere’s been plenty of fun happening at the Warmun Remote Aboriginal Swimming Pool over the summer holidays, with local families making the most of the pool to cool off and enjoy some fun community activities. Our Remote Aboriginal Swimming Pools are designed to not only help remote communities learn vital swimming and water safety skills, but to also act as important hubs to improve community cohesion.

Warmun Pool Manager Steve Waterman says over the holiday break so far they’ve held a number of special events. “Christmas Eve we held an inflatable pool party with over 30 peoplWarmun families watching a movie at the local poole attending, we had 3 big inflatables and my wife Aisyah cooked up Spaghetti Bolognese with garlic bread which the kids thoroughly enjoyed. It was an awesome night and everyone had a great time."

All the fun continued on New Year’s Eve with a movie night. “We cooked up hamburgers with over 50 people attending, it was a great way to say farewell 2021 and big hello to 2022! It's always great to see the families coming together and seeing the kids having a blast at the pool.”

Shonece and Paul from the Gija Youth setting up for a pool party with Warmun Pool Manager Steve WatermanSteve says the fun was made possible thanks to some important community involvement from another organisation in town. “A big thanks to Shonece and Paul from the Gija Youth Team for all their help and support with the events, they both do an amazing job and we really appreciate their help!”

We look forward to seeing the fun continue right throughout the school holidays as the Warmun children and families make full use of their local swimming pool! You can read more about our Remote Aboriginal Swimming Pool Program at the link below.

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