In cahoots with Cahoots to teach vital skills

21 July 2021

Royal Life Saving WA is determined to ensure that all West Australians have an opportunity to learn vital lifesaving skills, and works across Western Australia to ensure barriers to participation are reduced. Recently we worked with Cahoots to provide two first aid training sessions for teenagers and young adults who may otherwise not have had an opportunity to take part in such training.

Cahoots participants practising CPRCahoots is a WA charity positively impacting the lives of young people facing exceptional challenges or living with a disability. Each year, Cahoots facilitates more than 100 camps and 250 educational, and cultural program experiences, offering more than 360 scholarships to young people.

The recent sessions, run by Royal Life Saving WA Community Trainer Ryan Scally, were provided free of charge to Cahoots as part of our commitment to make first aid training accessible to those at risk. Cahoots CEO Jess Karlsson says sessions like these are important for those they work with. “At Cahoots, we offer inclusive camp and program experiences which focus on experiential learning opportunities. Our diverse experiences provide participants a safe, fun and engaging environment to learn essential life skills, grow in independence and make meaningful connections.”

The first aid sessions were held in early to mid-July enabling participants to learn this essential life skill and build a greater awareness and independence. The aim was to empower the students with a basic knowledge of first aid, should they need to assist in an injury or emergency situation or identify a situation when first aid would be necessary.Trainer Ryan Scally demonstrating recovery position as students look on

The feedback received from the course indicates that the sessions were extremely beneficial and enjoyed by all those who took part. Kaylee Nicholas from Cahoots attended one of the sessions and says sit was thoroughly enjoyed! “I just wanted to pass on how exceptionally engaging and fun Ryan was. Our young adults had an absolute ball and they learnt a huge amount from him.”

It’s hoped that the sessions have motivated the young people taking part to take on additional training or courses to expand their interest in first aid. We also hope the families of the participants will benefit, not only through having the peace of mind to know their child has learned these vital skills and is able to respond should an incident happen at home, but also that the participants themselves can now share their knowledge with their family or other siblings.

Cahoots CEO Jess Karlsson says they are incredibly grateful for the training these young people have received. “The Cahoots participants who have completed this training are now empowered with essential skills to help save a life, as first aiders, if they face serious incidents. Thank you to Royal Life Saving WA for sponsoring these basic first aid sessions for our teens and young adults this July.”

You can find out more about our group first aid training at the link below.

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