JLC launch at Pannawonica Pool

9 July 2018

As winter well and truly stakes its claim around the state, Pannawonica pool is keeping the memories of summer alive as the local pool thrives with aquatic activity.

13 participants kicked off the launch of the Pannawonica Junior Lifeguard Club recently at Pannawonica Pool.

It was a fantastic and fun event with participants from the local Fire and Rescue Volunteers and the Pannawonica Swimming Club taking part.

The Junior Lifeguard Club performed a few basic rescue sequences, played games and celebrated with a barbeque.

Pannawonica was gazetted as a town in 1972 and today has a population of 700. It is a 'closed town', a term used by mining companies to describe towns where facilities are limited for visitors and accommodation is reserved for mining staff.

As Pannawonica is two hours from the nearest beach, the public swimming pool is a popular spot during summer and winter, with a newly installed heating system utilising solar power, which makes for an enjoyable swim all year round.

The Pannawonica pool looks forward to a pool-based winter with more activities planned for August.

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