Keeping aquatic play spaces in shipshape condition

11 July 2021
Royal Life Saving WA has recently strengthened ties with the City of Wanneroo, extending our existing partnership to provide testing and maintenance services at the City’s aquatic outdoor play spaces.

Royal Life Saving WA's Workforce Solutions team has been maintaining the Kingsway Aquatic Playspace since it opened in November 2019. The dinosaur-themed zero-depth water playground is a popular attraction for families that includes water sprayers and a tipping bucket, all within a fully fenced and shaded area.

Kinkuna ParkThe new agreement will also see the Royal Life Saving WA team take on the water play space at Kinkuna Adventure Playground in Eglinton’s Allara Estate as part of its maintenance schedule. 

The new contract with the City of Wanneroo provides ongoing work for the Workforce Solutions unit which, in turn, provides opportunities to engage trainees through the Talent Pool program. 

Our team provide specialised start-up operations each year before the water parks open for the season, including sanitising the splashpad, flushing the jet system, conducting microbiological water testing and re-establishing chemical dosing to ensure the parks are safe and hygienic. A regular maintenance and testing service is then provided to maintain the water parks to WA Department of Health standards.

However, it’s not just during the busy summer months that our team looks after these aquatic playgrounds. A winter maintenance regime is important in keeping these playgrounds in shipshape condition year-round. Our highly trained team of professionals perform a monthly maintenance check which includes a general tidy of plant rooms and park grounds, removal of any rubbish or debris, and a check for any damage or graffiti. 

A complete washdown of the splashpad is carried out to stop any algal growth, including a spray treatment of water jets, features and drain covers using a chlorine solution, ensuring all soiled water is flushed to the waste system. 

After thoroughly cleaning the splashpad spraying features, a layer of car wax and polish is then applied to protect them from rust or corrosion during the non-use period. Dumping bells are also removed during winter and stored in the plant room to prevent them from collecting water which could become a breeding ground for bacteria or bugs.

As you can see, there is more involved in maintaining these aquatic play spaces than their regular visitors would know! Royal Life Saving WA’s Workforce Solutions unit are specialists in operating and maintaining splashpads of this kind. Other similar water features managed by our team include the water parks at Elizabeth Quay, Yagan Square and Hyde Park.

For more information about our pool and aquatic play area maintenance service, contact us at the link below.
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