Kids go on an egg hunt in Warmun

8 April 2021

grass beside a pool with kickboards and other water equipment spread around the groundEaster Monday was a fun time for the kids in the remote Aboriginal community of Warmun, with our remote pool manager there, Stephen Waterman, arranging a special Easter egg hunt. More than 40 children and adults attended, hunting around the pool surrounds throughout the day.An Aboriginal boy holding small yellow plastic eggs

Steve says the warm weather didn’t affect the hunt because he had made special weather friendly plans! “We used plastic shaped eggs to hide and then gave out the chocolate eggs later in the day once the hunts were over. The eggs were hidden under PFD's, flippers and kickboards which were placed all over the pool grounds, the kids had a great time looking around and hunting for the eggs, even teaming up to help find them. It was great to see families coming together and having a good time.”

The families who attended not only had a chance to join in the hunt, they also enjoy a whole lot of other activities including a BBQ with fried rice and fruit, a colouring in competition and pool inflatables.

People gathered around a table with foodThe Remote Aboriginal Swimming Pool project, supported by the Department of Communities is designed to not only ensure the children and families in these remote communities have an opportunity to learn vital swimming and water safety skills, but also helps to build community cohesion and give families a positive place to play and spend their leisure time.A young Aborginal boy holding fruit while standing beside a plate of fruit

Stephen is just completing his first season as a remote pool manager and has become a well-accepted and respected member of the Warmun community. He has facilitated a number of community events, like this Easter egg hunt, throughout the season which have been thoroughly enjoyed by local families.

You can read more about the Remote Aboriginal Swimming Pool Project and its positive impacts in remote WA at the link below.

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