Leinster Community School enjoys first aid and aquatic training

25 March 2022

Staff and students in the northern Goldfields township of Leinster recently came together to complete First Aid and Bronze Medallion training with Royal Life Saving WA's Talent Pool Manager Cameron Eglington and aquatic trainer Katie Lindquist.

Recently-qualified Leinster aquatic trainer Belinda Haldoupis invited Royal Life Saving WA to visit the town and help complete essential first aid and water rescue training with the community. Being in isolation, Belinda had to get inventive and complete her work through video link, filming, text and across the front fence to meet COVID guidelines!

Our Talent Pool team, who had been delivering training in the fellow Goldfields town of Wiluna during the preceding week, took up Belinda's invitation and headed to Leinster over the weekend to help deliver the training, their visit supported by Principal Community Partner BHP. Training through the Talent Pool program provides young Aboriginal people across our state with access to skills development and employment opportunities through Royal Life Saving WA. 

Leinster Community School staff, including Principal Leanne Kelleher and Deputy Principal Katrina Smith, took part with the students in first aid training at the school. Students and staff spent the day practicing bandaging, putting on splints and playing out a whole range of first aid scenarios which may be helpful for future incidents they could be confronted with. The fun and inclusive environment made for a productive and enjoyable learning experience, with everyone wanting to take part amongst their peers. 

Leinster students in the pool with aquatic trainer Katie LindquistThe group followed up their new first aid skills with Bronze Medallion training and qualification at the local Leinster pool. A total of 16 qualifications were achieved, including 12 Provide First Aid certificates and four Bronze Medallions. Many thanks to the local pool manager Taylor and the staff and students for making a day of training such an enjoyable experience!

It's great to see so many community members in this regional town taking part in acquiring essential first aid and lifesaving training. 2021 research highlighted a 20% increase in the number of drowning deaths in Australia on the previous year, so providing crucial first aid and water rescue training in all communities is essential in supporting drowning prevention. 

Having our network of aquatic trainers provide regional areas with First Aid and Bronze Medallion courses through our Talent Pool program not only helps to provide essential aquatic training, but also helps to encourage active engagement from youth for potential future employment in the aquatic industry. 

Royal Life Saving WA, BHP and Leinster Community School staff and students are looking forward to an expansion of the program later this year. First Aid training will be extended to more high school students in Term Three, with more water work including a strong focus on Bronze Medallions and (hopefully) Pool Lifeguard training in Term Four – stay tuned!

To learn more about our Talent Pool Program and its success stories, visit the link below.

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