Leinster kids Swim for Fruit for the first time

2 April 2021
The town of Leinster, in WA’s northern Goldfields region, has recently seen its younger residents rise to the challenge of the Swim for Fruit program at Leinster Pool.

Swim for Fruit is an extension of school-based Swim and Survive programs in regional and remote communities. The program encourages children to swim a requisite number of laps of the local pool, or complete other aquatic challenges, in order to earn a healthy afternoon treat of fresh fruit to reward their efforts.

Children who swim the most laps over the course of the program can also win other prizes such as goggles, towels or swimming packs, not to mention earning themselves the title and glory of being the best lap swimmer in town!

Commencing in early February, the Leinster Swim for Fruit program has seen over 30 eager young swimmers take part. Pool Manager Michael Plowman says the leading lap swimmers – Emeka Onwuegblue, Keston Spark and Samara Haldoupis – have together swum an incredible 200 laps of the town’s olympic-sized swimming pool.

This is the first time the program has run in the town and is supported by Principal Community Partner BHP and major Swim for Fruit supporter Healthway. Well done to all the children who have participated in the program for their amazing swimming efforts!

The Swim for Fruit program encourages physical activity and healthy eating to promote healthy lifestyle habits. It is well known that sport and recreation help to build stronger, healthier, happier and safer communities. Learn more about the program at the link below.
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