Mad March lap challenge at Bidyadanga pool

13 April 2021
During the month of March, the children of Bidyadanga, a remote community in WA’s Kimberley region, stepped up to their Go for 2&5 Swim for Fruit Lap Challenge with incredible zeal!

The Challenge, which took place at the Bidyadanga Community Pool throughout the month, invited participants to swim as many laps of the pool as they could during each afternoon’s Swim for Fruit session.

Pool Manager Bernie Egan said a total of 62 swimmers participated in the Challenge and together they swam a mind-boggling 7,404 laps of the pool. What an incredible effort by all!

The Swim for Fruit program encourages children to swim laps to earn themselves a healthy afternoon treat, promoting healthy eating and active lifestyle habits. The Lap Challenge takes the regular program a step further with a tally kept of everyone’s laps throughout the challenge duration.

Prizes and medals were handed out to the children who swam the most laps during the month. “To be eligible for medals, the kids had to swim over 100 laps for Bronze, over 250 laps for Silver, and over 500 laps for a Gold Medal,” said Bernie.

There were also some very cool prizes up for grabs, including fishing gear, basketballs and footballs. “Kayden won the 10-14 age group, with 590 laps,” said Bernie. “He got a fishing rod for his efforts and came back a couple of days later and told me about the fish he was able to catch with his new rod.”

“Lynzeigh and Asna were gold and silver medalists and won fishing gear and Swim and Survive bags. Caleb earned a Bronze medal and chose Uno cards from the prize box.”

The Swim for Fruit and Lap Challenge programs are sponsored by major supporter Healthway. Learn more about the range of community benefits these programs supply at the link below.
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