New online training for swim instructors

3 September 2020

Royal Life Saving WA, with the assistance of industry professionals and our Endorsed Swim School Committee, has developed a series of online instructor training courses, specifically designed to assist swim instructors in effectively delivering the Royal Life Saving Swim & Survive program. Each module covers one stage in the Swim & Survive curriculum, from stage 1-12 over a ten lesson series.

These modules cover in depth descriptions of drills and skills used to achieve the desired skill outcomes for each stage. Individual lesson plans accompany each module to allow instructors to immediately put into practice what they have covered in their online learning experience.

Throughout each module swimming instructors are able to view video content that follows the lesson plan document, outlining how each item is delivered. The video element of the modules allows instructors to see how each drill or skill should be performed, examples of equipment, desired pool depths and other important information. The on-screen text aims to outline the drill or skill being performed in the videos while reiterating important teaching points, while accompanying audio gives an in depth explanation of the activity and any additional teaching points, including relevant must see information and technical elements to remember.

Royal Life Saving WA Senior Manager Swimming and Water Safety Education, Trent Hotchkin, says these modules were developed with the aim of allowing instructors to gain a better understanding of the delivery of the Swim & Survive program, and in turn increase consistency throughout the industry. "Royal Life Saving WA believes it is vital for us to support our Endorsed Swim School community as much as possible, and we know that instructor training takes time for many coordinators - we hope these online modules will aid in this process while also improving the consistency of Swim and Survive education received by students across WA."

Instructors from all around WA have started to complete these online modules in recent days, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive with many completing all 12 within the first few days.

If you'd like to complete these online learning modules you can do so at the link below!

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