Pre-season footy in full swing at Bidyadanga

8 February 2018

For the first time in its history, Bidyadanga has its own women’s football club! There’s a huge buzz in the community as the Bidyadanga Emus Wanti (Women’s) Football Club prepare for the coming season.

As part of their preparations the ladies have been getting into the pool for some aqua fitness. “With a big focus on leg strength, we have been doing lots of walking exercises, gradually building up to jogging in the water,” pool manager Bernie Egan says.

“The water is an excellent place to safely build up fitness and strength because it is very low impact. It is also extremely hot and humid at this time of year, so exercising in the pool also makes it more comfortable for the participants.”

Bernie has also been focusing on the women’s core strength. “This is done with various crunches using pool noodles for support. Our superman burpees definitely have people saying, ‘Yeah I can feel that!’”

Class numbers have been steadily increasing, with 19 women attending the recent recovery session after the first land-based training for the team.

Team leaders Nuria and Corina Jadai and been pivotal in the good attendances for the classes at the pool.

“We have been finishing some of our sessions in the pool with tackle ball, which allows the ladies to get into tackles without fear of getting hurt in the water. It's a lot a fun and a fantastic way to finish a session in the pool,” Bernie says.

We love seeing our Remote Aboriginal Swimming Pool at Bidyadanga being used by the community for a wide range of activities, and wish the Bidyadanga Emus all the best of luck for the coming football season!

Find out more about our Remote Aboriginal Swimming Pools at the link below.

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