RLSSWA secure government grant for Pool Lifesaving efforts

5 July 2018

Following a big year teaching and supporting pool lifesaving skills around WA, we are proud to announce the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries has offered us a grant to continue our training services for another big year.

This funding enables Royal Life Saving to run training in Lifesaving in schools right across WA, and at our remote aboriginal swimming pools. It also helps us to run events such as the recent Junior Lifeguard Club State Titles, which are designed to test the pool lifesaving skills that children have learnt at their respective Junior Lifesaving clubs throughout the year, in a fun and exciting environment.

The Junior Lifeguard Club program aims to increase children’s participation in swimming & lifesaving activities. It is an aquatic education alternative to traditional swimming lessons for kids who want to combine their passion for swimming with the ability to learn new lifesaving skills. The program is an opportunity for kids to join a club that will advance their aquatic skills, with an emphasis on fun while maintaining strong club feelings and loyalties.

Trent Hotchkin, Senior Manager Swimming and Water Safety Education at Royal Life Saving WA says “whilst we ensure the activities are great fun and offer new experiences for the children, they also have a serious outcome of educating the children in essential lifesaving skills that may one day save a life. The program provides a pathway from grass roots participation through to elite competition for those who would like to continue down the competitive path of pool lifesaving.”

Royal Life Saving graciously accepts the grant and thanks the DLGSC for the funding, which empowers us to help communities across metro and regional WA.

If you'd like to learn more about our Junior Lifeguard Club program please click below.

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