Royal Life Saving guides communities into suitable swimwear

10 March 2022

Royal Life Saving WA has provided new women’s and men’s swimwear guides this week that present a variety of swimwear options inclusive of all members of Western Australia’s multicultural community. 

Facilitated by Royal Life Saving WA Inclusion Coordinator for Swimming and Water Safety, Achol Madong, an updated women’s swimwear guide was developed to reflect a more recent variety of swimwear options. Additionally, recognising there was a need for a men’s swimwear guide, the men’s guide was developed for the first time to provide community members with a range of options to give them the confidence and comfort for attending swimming programs. 

“Royal Life Saving understands not everyone grew up having access to swimming and water safety education,” Achol said. “For many participants who have enrolled in swimming lessons for the first time, the question of what to wear and what to bring is often asked.” 

man in swimwear standing next to outdoor poolMany people who are new to swimming are often unfamiliar with the swimwear options that allow them to participate in all the aquatic activities Australia has to offer, whilst still maintaining modesty. These new resources provide swimmers with various options as well as a guide which indicates physical coverage, activities which can safely occur, and which level of swimming lessons each swimwear option would be suitable for.

Working closely with our partners in the community, Achol and the Royal Life Saving WA Multicultural Steering Committee developed inclusive guides that would ensure all Western Australians felt comfortable attending swimming and water safety lessons. “As a tool to educate our community of safe and appropriate swimwear options, we developed our men’s and women’s swimwear guides, taking into consideration the diversity of community,” Achol said. 

Research has found that on average, 288 people drown in Australia each year, with around one in four people who drown being born overseas. Many people within the multicultural community face barriers to accessing essential swimming and lifesaving skills, including lack of culturally appropriate programs. 

Royal Life Saving WA, in partnership with its funding providers the Australian Department of Health and Lotterywest, offers a range of Multicultural Swimming Lesson programs to facilitate increased participation by CaLD groups. By promoting culturally appropriate guides and Swim and Survive programs, more multicultural community members may feel encouraged to partake in accessible swim and survival lessons which can support long term drowning prevention. 

“Our vision is a water loving nation free from drowning,” Achol said. “The Access and Equity work removes barriers to participation by providing at-risk communities access to vital swimming and water safety programs.” 

To view the new swimwear guides, visit the links below.

Men's Guide

Women's Guide