Stick a Duck and help your community

11 April 2016

Royal Life Saving Society WA is determined to prevent drowning in our state.  But sadly drowning incidents do occur, and we've seen far too many fatal and non-fatal drownings in the news in recent months.

When families are affected by drowning we want to ensure that support services are available to them, as they navigate the physical and emotional turmoil that comes with such an incident.

We're giving retailers across WA the opportunity to raise funds for these support services, and our Community Help Grants through a brand new fundraising initiative... Stick-a-Duck!

Retailers taking part in the Stick-a-Duck Fundraising program receive a small display stand with barcoded $2 Stick-a-Duck stickers to place on their counter. These are scanned and added to the customer’s total bill. Customers can write their name on their duck, remove the official tax receipt on the back, and stick their duck on a special pond poster we provide to retailers for display on a notice board or window behind the checkout area. 

It's easy, cashless, instant and risk free, and there's no counting or collecting involved for the retailer who can simply reconcile donations received each quarter. 

Businesses who place Stick-a-Duck in their store automatically become a Bronze Member of Royal Life Saving and qualify for discounted training courses and products.

We're hoping to raise $50,000 towards our Community Help Grants and support services through the Stick-a-Duck campaign this year.  If you or a friend would like to become part of the program please contact us at the link below.