Students learn alcohol and water safety do not mix

18 July 2018

Over the past few months, the Don't Drink and Drown message has been promoted at numerous high school health expos in Perth, including Cyril Jackson Senior Campus, Mindarie Senior High School, Duncraig Senior High School and Wanneroo Secondary College.

The students were surprised to see the effects alcohol can have on their coordination by attempting the 'Save-a-Mate' maneuver, involving students saving each other with a life ring while wearing vison impairing 'beer' goggles.

Many students were unable to complete the activity successfully and realised the consequences this could have in a real-life emergency.

Leavers presentations have also been conducted with the Year 12 students at Hampton Senior High School. As many students are planning their ultimate Leavers getaway, this presentation addresses many FAQs about WA Police organised Leavers events to ensure Leavers are prepared and ready for a safe and unforgettable Leavers celebration.

Some of the topics covered included what the students can expect at Leavers and what is expected as the responsibilities as a Leaver. The dangers of mixing alcohol and water safety were covered, as well as learning what support services are available to Leavers and how to access these services.

It was fantastic to see so much enthusiasm from the students getting involved in the activities and prepping for both a safe and fun Leavers this year.

For more information on our Don’t Drink and Drown campaign, click the link below.

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